The Union of Citizens of Granby is a group of citizens demanding more rigor and transparency from the leaders and elected representatives of the city of Granby.
The union of citizens of Granby is the only movement of citizens for the defense and the protection of the rights of all to the peaceful life in a healthy environment.

UCgranby serving the citizens of Granby: 
The union of citizens is the platform par excellence to inform citizens of their rights. Very few people consult the regulations before it's too late. "
After all the city belongs to the citizens, not to the elected and the leaders of a city.
The primary goal is to allow citizens of Granby to be informed in a transparent way about developments in the City of Granby, regulations, development projects, new bylaws and so on.

UCGranby's commitment is aimed at all citizens of Granby, anxious to bring forward solutions and ideas in the political arena to improve our city and perhaps to make a difference.

Never as many citizens of Granby are manifested as today.

With the union of citizens of Granby together we can start a real dynamic that goes beyond political partisanship.

To make things change we must all unite!


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